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Awan Kerupuk 988 Palembang

As a manufacturer & supplier of Palembang crackers we continue to be committed to accepting orders & serving consumers as best we can. We have been established for years so that our products are widely known in the community.


Kurniawan Born in Palembang, February 24, 1988. Has been in the business of producing and selling Palembang crackers since the 2000 and has experienced ups and downs 3 times in pioneering cracker businesses. Kurniawan was born from craftsman crackers and has become the first generation to continue this effort. As a entrepreneur in the city of Palembang, Kurniawan made many innovations in cracker sales, such as creating a profile website www.awankerupuk988palembang.com and the first cracker application in Palembang. began from 2014, Kurniawan managed to export crackers to several countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, and the Middle East, which sent approximately 30 tons of crackers every month. on 1 January 2020, Kurniawan re-innovated by bringing digital crackers together through the first cracker Ecommerce platform in Indonesia named www.sarjankerupuk.com as a solution for resellers and end users to buy crackers quickly, simply and in one click.